Navarre Raider Trent Bowden – #96

A lot of football players don’t always make it into the spotlight and kind of go unnoticed. So, fans don’t always know the whole story of how these individuals arrived at where they are today.
Trent Bowden fought the earliest of battles…at birth. He was on feeding tubes because his muscles were too weak to keep his stomach closed. The tubes resulted in two large scars on both of his thighs from muscle biopsy’s because the doctors thought he had muscular dystrophy.
The vest he had to wear every day, helped shake the clutter from his lungs, because he had chronic pneumonia and his chest was to weak to push it out.
Trent walked with leg braces and a walker until he was nearly in school as he was diagnosed with hypotonic cerebral palsy when he was 3-4 years old at University of Alabama-Birmingham.
His parents (Paul Bowden and Whitney Hayes) have driven all over the State of Florida trying to find out what was wrong with their five pound baby boy. They moved to another State searching for answers…just to be told that he would probably not live to see moments like he is currently experiencing.
Trent went through therapy five days a week and his determination to defy every negative prognosis was his driving force to continue his fight.
God has great plans for Trent, whether on the gridiron or off. The magnitude of what he went through in his early childhood, the many struggles he faced during his continual battle, to where his path has currently taken him…he will not be denied!
Navarre Raider – Trent Bowden – #96

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