Jesse Winslette – Choctaw – QB Evaluation

Jesse Winslette
Jesse Winslette

Evaluation by PressBox850…

While watching Choctaw’s Jesse Winslette you constantly must remind yourself that you are looking at a true freshman in high school. Winslette is one of those rare players that is years ahead of his peers. There is an ease to his throwing motion that typically you only find in players that have more experience under the belt, but with Winslette the tools that he currently possesses seems to come from a natural ability and a constant dedicated training regimen.

After watching a private work out, there is no surprise that this freshman is already receiving Power 5 interest from both SEC and ACC schools. Winslette is mobile at 6’4.5, he moves laterally with ease, and throws effectively well moving in both directions. Winslette posses the skills to make any throw on the field at any time.

Winslette’s arm is impressive. Throwing the ball 54 yards while under control and leaving a little bit in the tank it is easy to predict that throwing one 60 is not currently out of the realm of possibility. Each throw is made with decisiveness and confidence.

The potential for Winslette is unlimited, he already posses’ traits and skills that most top tier High School Quarterbacks have, and Winslette still has three more years under center at the High School level. With the dedication to his training and the constant drive that Winslette already shows to hone his craft, there is no doubt that Winslette will be given the chance to pull on a Power-5 jersey one day.

Winslette is currently being trained locally by L.C Ooten and Brady Ooten who have both been involved with his training since 2015. Winslette also is training with David Morris from QB Country in Mobile, Alabama and Will Hewlett from QB Collective out of Jacksonville, Florida, and the training of all the coaches show on the field. Winslette brings a on the field knowledge that is rare in a freshman. Winslette shows the ability to self-correct mechanics on the fly from throw to throw.

Currently Winslette sits at #4 in the State of Florida for Pro-Style Quarterbacks, but this number will change. Winslette will move up in these rankings as this next season unfolds. Winslette has been selected as a Quarterback for EXOS Florida 50 showcase and will attend the Elite 11 Academy in March as well as the IMG camp this summer.

There is no surprise that Winslette is getting national attention, the only question left on the horizon for Jesse Winslette is where he will continue his playing career at the next level.

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