TJ Seiuli – Fort Walton Beach – QB Evaluation

TJ Seiuli
Scouting Report by PressBox850…
“Is It on Video?” We have all heard that same question, and Fort Walton Beach’s TJ Seiuli is a perfect example of why we sometimes have to ask that question.
This isn’t one of those stories that over time yardage seems to grow. TJ Seiuli sent a ball 78 yards in the air, and yes, the throw is on video and you can watch that video on the PressBox850 Facebook page.
Seiuli is raw, gifted with a arm that during our workouts with him seemed to never max out. No matter what throw we asked him to make, the Junior had the throw in the bag, with more in the tank if we asked him to use it.
Seiuli is one of those QBS that could fit into any offensive system, he has the touch to make the hot throws over the middle, but he also possesses a special gift with being able to get the ball vertical.
Seiuli still has room to hone some of his technique, but nothing in his game is beyond fine tuning, and nothing is outside the realm of what you would expect with his upcoming senior season looking to be his first time being the starter for the Vikings.
Seiuli seems to have a bright future ahead of him. Going into his senior year we look for him to surprise some people just like he surprised us with the absolute cannon he has for an arm. Colleges are going to take notice, the rarity alone in the power Seiuli harnesses is enough to bring in some attention.
If Seiuli fine tunes his craft during this spring and this upcoming summer, with a arm like that, we would not rule out the D1 possibilities and interest.

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