The Beginning

Panhandle Sports Broadcasting
People often ask me how I got started in broadcasting…well, here it goes.
My son, Brady was playing in a soccer tournament in Pace, Florida. There was a gentleman (the late Bill Brownell), handing out flyers for his broadcast company (Panhandle Sports Broadcasting), based out of Milton. I took the flyer and asked him about broadcasting, he said, where are you from and I stated, Navarre. He said I need a Navarre broadcaster…I said teach me!
I have ran into so many incredible people over the years because of my love for sports. Bill introduced me to Robert Williamson, the owner of Robert gave me plenty of opportunities to get better at my craft. I owe a lot to Robert and I am blessed to this day to still to call him my friend.
Along the way, I have broadcast football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball and baseball.  When I broadcast a Gulf Breeze Girls State Semifinal soccer match in Tampa, I entered the Florida record books as this was the first broadcast of State Soccer Semifinal game.
Four years ago, it was time for me to go out on my own. Thus, the creation of This coming Fall will be my 15th year broadcasting Navarre football!
The relationships and friendships that have been formed are endless and were because of my passion for sports. People often thank me for what I do, but I tell them…I am just fortunate to be the one here to tell their stories

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