Thank you Football…

As I drove East on I-10 on Saturday heading towards Tallahassee, it brought back a lot of memories of all the miles that Brenda Kay and I had travelled on Saturdays to watch Brady play the game that he truly loves…football!
This was my third trip to a Florida State game, but it was Brady’s first. We were joined by his best friend and roommate, Octavien Moyer and his wife, Fiji. We were there to watch a young man that wore number eight for the North Carolina Tar Heels; who is also a Navarre Alum, Michael Carter.
See, I broadcasted all of Michael’s games in high school, but this game I was finally able to just sit in the stands and watch him display his God-given talents on the field of play. I wasn’t the only Navarre resident there, as Michael’s family was there, his high school coach Jay Walls, a few of his former teammates, and some of his friends.
The outcome was not a favorable one for North Carolina, but we were all brought together on this Saturday evening because of one thing…our love for the game of football. For awhile in 2020, we weren’t really sure if football or any other sport was going to become a reality. But on this October night at Doak Campbell Stadium, it all came to life and I was just going to take it all in!
On the trip back home, I went off the beaten path and stopped in the town of Blountstown, hoping to meet up with their head coach, Beau Johnson. Coach Johnson has been on our Southern Gentlemen Sports Show quite a few times and this was my opportunity to finally catch up with him. But we were unable to connect, so I hopped back in the car and enjoyed a beautiful and peaceful ride west on Highway 20.
As I drove through Niceville and Fort Walton Beach on my way back home to Navarre, I thought to myself…what an awesome weekend that I got to share with people that make me happy.
To bring this all back around, the time you spend with your family and friends passes before you in a wink of an eye, so don’t take it for granted and make the most out of each opportunity as it presents itself.
Thank you Football!

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