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Ian Lockwood - Number Retired
Ian Cole Lockwood
Seven years ago today, Navarre High School retired the number of Ian Cole Lockwood, #10. To this day, this is only number that they have retired. I wrote a little poem on that day and I would like to share this poem with all of you once again. 
Live for Today, Fight for Tomorrow, Live Strong!
Friday night Navarre High plans to retire the number of one of their alum,
So, when you are deciding what to do; I hope that you decide to come.
This young man brought our community and Panhandle together three years past,
On and off the football field; he took nothing for granted…not knowing which day would be his last.
We should all tackle life the way that Ian did through his last couple of years,
Hitting every challenge, obstacle and stumbling block without any fears.
Live Strong was his motto that got him through each and every day,
Live for the Day; fight for tomorrow, plus his faith in The Lord never went away.
Just before the Raiders face-off against the Choctaw Indians at home (hoping for a win),
Navarre High School will honor Ian Lockwood with the retiring of his number 10!
It will also be Senior Night as we honor those that have given their time and effort to Raider football, 
So, pack the stands and show your support, or stay at home and listen to Irish Bill with the call!

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