Countdown to Kickoff – Navarre Raiders – 138 days

Photo courtesy of the Navarre Press
138 days to kickoff of the 2020 High School Football season for the Navarre Raiders as they will travel to Gulf Breeze on 21 Aug 2020.
138 games ago – Navarre 28, Milton 7 (2008)
The Raiders (2-2) defeat the Panthers at home.
Navarre Raider Class of 2009
FS/PK Adam Hamilton               SS/WR Billy Mitchell
RB Kwamane Howard                 DB Greg Moses
DB Antonio Neris                         LB Tre Polumbo
DE Brian Baswell                         LB Ronnie Wesson
OL Jarrod Bauldree                     OL Ryan Barton
DS Tim Coggins                          RB Kyle Gambera
WR Adam Taylor                          DL Jonathan Coleus
WR Tommy Burman                    LB Walter Hill
Navarre leads overall series, 12-8.  

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