2021 Pre-Season Watch List – Jesse Winslette – Choctaw

Jesse Winslette

Article by PressBox850

#7 – Jesse Winslette
Class of 2024
Choctaw Indians
Position – QB

Jesse Winslette is one of those athletes where there is no cap to his potential. Winslette is going into his Sophomore season and already is drawing some national attention in the recruiting game. As a QB, Winslette plays well beyond his years, and his training with some of the best QB coaches around shows in every aspect of his game.

Standing just short of 6’5, Winslette is a presence on the field. His ability to be mobile with his frame just adds to the total package. Winslette possess an arm comparable to those seen on Saturdays and he still has another 3 seasons at the high school level. The thing that stands out about Winslette the most is his ability to self-correct mechanics on the fly.

Winslette has every throw in the bag. He shows touch over the middle and the ability to throw dimes at will. Arm strength is another trait that is evident while watching him throw the ball, but one of the most impressive things in his throwing arsenal is his ability to throw while on the run. When you are watching Winslette you quickly forget that you are watching a true freshman move the ball around the field during workouts.

Winslette is going to keep developing, and part of that is due to his work effort and his constant motivation to improve his craft. Not only is Winslette getting direction from the coaching staff at Choctaw but he is also spending his weekends working with the likes of David Morris from QB Country in Mobile, Alabama and Will Hewlett of QB Collective in Jacksonville.

Winslette can have a huge season for the Indians, and it would not be a surprise to anyone if he is leading the area in passing stats by the end of the season. By the time he is done playing High School, it would not be a surprise if he was leading the state in passing as well. Winslette is the type of talent at the QB position that you truly do not see very often. An athlete that posses size, ability, mobility, speed, and intelligence. The thought of Winslette becoming one of the most highly recruited QBs from this area is realistic.

Winslette is already ranked in the top 6 pro style QBs in the State of Florida by QB Collective and with his work ethic we only expect that ranking to rise during the upcoming season.

Choctaw has had some good QBs in the past, Winslette might have the talents to claim the top spot on the list as he progresses through his High School career. The one thing that is certain is that next year Winslette will be a special one to watch under the Friday Night Lights.

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