63 Days to Kickoff – Navarre Raiders

Tommy Wiser
Ryan Barton
Victor Byers
Victor Byers - Belhaven (MS)
63 days to kickoff…
The 2022 High School football season will get underway when the Navarre Raiders travel to Fort Walton Beach on 26 Aug 2022.
63 games ago – Navarre 36, B.T. Washington 20 (2016)
Michael Carter finished the night with 24 carries for 194 yards and five touchdowns and Bo Hering led the Raider defense with eleven tackles.
63rd win in school history – Navarre 20, Pine Forest 18 (Playoffs – 2010)
Navarre travelled to Pine Forest in Week 2 of the State Playoffs, a place that gave them their only loss of the regular season. The Raiders found themselves down late to the Eagles, 18-14, and the home team was driving to seal up the win. Louchiez Purifoy took over that last drive, but when he tried to fight for extra yardage, he fumbled the ball away and the Raiders recovered at their own 10-yard line…setting up Navarre’s 90-yard game winning drive.
With just over two minutes to play, the Raiders were successful on two fourth down conversions (both to Posey) to keep their drive alive. Colton Kane found Brad Leggett wide open across the middle of the field on a 30-yard scoring strike to give Navarre a 20-18 lead and their eighth straight victory; as well as the programs first 11-win season.
Raiders that have worn #63:
OL Mark Hemaseth – Class of 2002
OL Tommy Wiser – Class of 2007
OL Ryan Barton – Class of 2009 – serving in U.S. Air Force
DL Victor Byers – Class of 2011 – played at Belhaven (MS)
OL Adrian Gonzalez – Class of 2023
Stats that involve #63:
63 – assisted tackles in a career – Brandon Williams (2001-03)
63 – total tackles (solo/assists) in a season – Xavier Fernandez (2015)
63 – total tackle points in a career – Tyson Brown (2015-16)
63 – total tackles for loss & sacks for a career – Joshua Carter (2015-18) – School Record
63 – total tackles (solo/assists) in a season – Devin Wright (2019)
63 – total tackle points in a season – Bailey Huston (2019)
Navarre has won 47 of their last 63 games and lead the overall series against Washington, 6-0.
2011 – Navarre 28, Washington 7
2012 – Navarre 33, Washington 7
2015 – Navarre 42, Washington 0
2016 – Navarre 36, Washington 20
2017 – Navarre 27, Washington 12
2018 – Navarre 53, Washington 12

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  1. Awesome to see you tagging my picture in this article. I enjoyed my four years playing with the Navarre raiders, and still to this day love watching players wearing that amazing # 63. Ready to see 2023 raiders come out and represent the small amazing town of Navarre.

    • You’re welcome! Have broadcast the last 14 years and look forward to many more years of broadcasting Raider football. This has been my home for the last 32 years. I am truly blessed to have been able to tell your story and all of the other players that have graced Bennett C. Russell Stadium.


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